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Take Flight Art Print - 7x5

Take Flight Art Print - 7x5

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A beautifully inspiring piece depicting an owl flying through the open sky. Display this print where you can see it every day to remind yourself or others to soar.

This print is 7”x5” on luster gloss paper. Packaged in a clear archival pouch with a foam board backing to protect it from damage while in transit.

Zen painted the original as an experiment with their new watercolor paints, Indigo and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. It was originally painted as an ATC size (2"x3") piece in a set of 4, using both colors. Three of these have been made into prints.

From the Artist: "A simple, yet inspiring piece that I created. I enjoyed the simplicity of creating a beautiful gradient in the back with the silhouette of an owl flying through an open sky. I created this as an inspirational piece to encourage others to fly."

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