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Nudibranch Art Print 8x10

Nudibranch Art Print 8x10

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A nudibranch is a small slug-like creature that lives at the bottom of the ocean. They come in a wide array of shapes and colors. This one specifically is the Hypselodoris apolegma, a nudibranch from the family Chromodorididae.

This print is 8”x10” on luster gloss paper. Packaged in a clear archival pouch with a foam board backing to protect it from damage while in transit.  

This deep sea piece of artwork was painted by Zen.

From the Artist: "I amazed myself at how incredible this piece came out. Layers upon layers were painted to make this possible. The black was the hardest. To get it that dark in such a large area I had to build it up slowly. I did manage to capture the almost luminescence feel of the small sea slug." 

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