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Balithar - Storytelling Art Print 4x10

Balithar - Storytelling Art Print 4x10

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A truly inspiring piece of artwork. This piece is a portrait of a fictional hare-like character from another world. Part of a set of 4, Balithar is paired with Shevall as enemy leaders.

This print is 4”x10” on luster gloss paper. Packaged in a clear archival pouch with a foam board backing to protect it from damage while in transit.

Zen painted this piece along size Shevall and Nashicke after completing Skaligar. The original is not currently for sale and goes along with a series of anthropomorphic characters that may one day become an illustrated storybook.

From the Author: "Balithar is the leader of his kingdom and it's military. He has a very serious demeanor and will think strategically to solve any problem. His kingdom is bitter enemies with Shevall's kingdom."

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