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Indigo Fox Spirit Art Print - 5x7

Indigo Fox Spirit Art Print - 5x7

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The fox spirit embodies adaptability, intuition, and circumventing obstacles that may appear in your life. While the fox may appear wild and free, it is their cunning that allows them to survive and thrive in the perilous world around them. This piece is the perfect reminder that the fox spirit is with you. 

This print is 5”x7” on luster gloss paper. Packaged in a clear archival pouch with a foam board backing to protect it from damage while in transit.

Zen painted the original as an experiment with their new watercolor paints, Indigo and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. It was originally painted as an ATC size (2"x3") piece in a set of 4 showcasing the two new colors. Three of these have been made into prints.

From the Artist: "This piece was painted as an experiment in style and color. An artist I followed online had several pieces with the splatters like this and I was playing with the concept in my own work. Ultimately, it turned out not to be something I was into for all of my work, but it is fun when I'm doing loose, simpler pieces like this."

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